"When the investigation ends, advocacy and education can begin."

~ Kim Anklin

During investigations we are not advocates, we are independent and confidential fact-finders. Our goal is to uncover the truth for our clients which doesn't necessarily guarantee a favorable outcome.

To be able to effect change within the system there needs to be dialogue, but the opportunity to speak out doesn't occur until the case is resolved. After the resolution, as advocates for our clients, we are able to reveal issues such as misconduct, false confession, eye witness misidentification, or witness tampering.

Management Resources takes pride in our ability to communicate and educate audiences about the impact of our cases, our client, their family and friends, and, in some instances, the victim who has been denied complete justice. We've had the privilege of speaking to organizations, university students, as well as participate in a documentary about the ramifications of being wrongfully convicted along with our client, Jonathan Fleming who was exonerated on April 8, 2014.