Criminal Defense

After you have evoked your rights to remain silent and requested an attorney, the next step is to tell your attorney to call us. Once you have been accused of a crime, a thorough investigation is critical to your defense. 

Whether you are intensely pressured to accept a plea deal or feel you can win at trial, once you are targeted the prosecutors and their investigators will work hard to incarcerate you for the maximum number of years possible.

In cases when there is less than actual innocence we will help uncover mitigating circumstances as part of your legal team for your best possible outcome. If you are innocent, our criminal defense investigators know what is needed to clear your name. Either way, do not let precious years be taken from you.

Criminal Defense Investigators are independent professionals who gather information and evidence for the defense in a criminal case. While the prosecution has many investigators (e.g. police officers, detectives, and prosecution detectives) on staff, most defendants gamble without hiring even one investigator.

A good investigator isn't simply a good locator of information, but someone who excels at creating a rapport with others and getting them to open up. We become a highly valued part of the legal team, who will assist your attorney with case strategy. By doing so, we eliminate the risk that your attorney does not become a potential witness against you.